Health Care & Technology

My Family Doctor is committed to provide the highest standards of care by the use of the latest available health information technology (HIT) such as electronic health records (EHRs, also called electronic medical records). By using an EHR our practice is enabled to utilize computerized physician order entry which has the potential to improve the quality and safety of care while reducing costs. In particular, EHRs are designed to improve communication among providers within and between different health care organizations. Furthermore, these technologies facilitate the implementation of care guidelines and decision-support tools, which may be particularly valuable in preventing processing errors.


My Family Doctor has advocated adoption of computerized physician order entry to reduce health care errors. Particularly, our practice standardly transitions patients providing a transition of care summary, also known as a discharge summary in some circumstances, providing essential clinical information for the receiving care team and helps organize final clinical and administrative activities for the transferring care team. This summary helps ensure the coordination and continuity of health care as patients transfer between different health care organizations. This document improves transitions and discharges, communication among providers, and cross-setting relationships.

“At My Family Doctor, we collectively work with other health care organization providers and their staff to develop workflow policies and procedures to ensure smooth transition of care when patients move between our practices.” Fanny Ramirez, MD, Medical Director.

Taking a proactive approach to develop internal workflow policies and procedures and using them with technology helps us ensure that relevant information is moved with the patient when they are transitioned or referred to another provider. Workflow and technology are brought together to create the summary of care record. The goal of the summary of care record is to help providers caring for the same patient to have access to better information and more effectively coordinate the care they provide.

We are proud to share our Meaningful Use 2016 report, demonstrating the use of certified EHR technology and showing a performance rate higher than 95% for transition of care by providing summary of care records when referring our patients to other specialists. 

A medical home is not a building;
it extends beyond the walls of our clinical practice. A medical home is the strong bond between our clinical specialists, families, and community resources. The medical home recognizes the family as the most important force in an individual´s life and emphasizes partnership between health care professionals and families.