Medicine is becoming less personal. Patients are no longer treated as human beings, but as numbers on a spreadsheet. A list of health conditions. A series of demographic data. Healthcare providers are focusing more on new technology, quality metrics, and codes than listening carefully to patients, looking them in the eyes, and building meaningful, long-lasting relationships. The new world of healthcare is focused on creating massive, fully integrated health systems and data networks so that patients can be tagged, tracked, and monetized. In this new system, the patient is an afterthought, a commodity to be traded.

We reject this new system. MEDICINE IS PERSONAL. Every patient is unique, with a different story to tell. We believe that close, personal relationships between physicians and patients is the key to good health.  We believe that all people, especially those in underserved and marginalized communities, deserve full access to affordable healthcare regardless of whether and what kind of insurance they have. We believe that patients are more than numbers. Patients are human beings who deserve empathy, compassion, and individualized attention and respect.

We at My Family Doctor make the following promise: We will always put our patients first. We will always be fiercely independent. We will never be tied to any hospital or health system. We will never be beholden to any pharmaceutical or insurance company. We exist for one reason alone: to serve our patients and improve their lives.




To improve the lives of our communities through compassion, disease prevention, and patient-centered care.


To lead by example to inspire a personalized model of medicine that puts patients first.

Core Values:

  • Patient First

  • Compassion

  • Community Service

  • Love What You Do!

My Family Doctor clinics have achieved national recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Patient Centered Medical Home. This honor is reserved for organizations that provide the highest quality primary care. It means we put our patients first. It also means that we offer the following advantages for our patients:


  1. Accessible: Care is easy for children and adults to obtain, including geographic access and insurance accommodation.

  2. Family-centered: The family is recognized as the primary caregiver and support for the individual, ensuring that all medical decisions are made in true partnership with the family.

  3. Continuous: The same primary care clinician cares for the child from infancy through young adulthood, providing assistance and support to transition to adult care and other groups of ages.

  4. Comprehensive: Preventive, primary, and specialty care are provided to all members of the family, from infants to seniors.

  5. Coordinated: A care plan is crafted in partnership with the family and communicated with all health care clinicians and necessary community agencies and organizations.

  6. Compassionate: Genuine concern for the well-being of all family members and the family as a whole is emphasized.

  7. Culturally Effective: The family culture, language, beliefs, and traditions are recognized, valued, and respected.

My Family Doctor is committed to provide the highest standards of care by the use of the latest available technology. Learn more

A medical home is not a building;
it extends beyond the walls of our clinical practice. A medical home is the strong bond between our clinical specialists, families, and community resources. The medical home recognizes the family as the most important force in an individual´s life and emphasizes partnership between health care professionals and families.